Having Fun and Catching Luck at The Stables Matakana Restaurant

The Stables Restaurant

I don’t do restaurants often. In fact, I probably don’t eat out nearly enough, but with New Zealand prices and what I earn in a month, it’s not always easy to find the extra cash. However, on those occasions I do go out for a meal I try to make it a really nice and relaxing night that’s reserved for myself.

I’ll always try to pick a new restaurant that I haven’t checked out before and my latest outing was to The Stables bar and restaurant at Matakana Country Park about an hour outside of Auckland. Although this restaurant is supposed to be good on any day of the week, I picked Friday because it’s their steak & ribs day. I’m all for trying all sorts of different foods but you just can’t beat a good stake and a few glasses of fine wine.

Exceeding My Expectations

I made sure to reserve my table well ahead of the time and I arrived to The Stables ten minutes earlier just to be sure. Some people like to eat in couples or groups but I personally enjoy eating alone. I know some find it weird but I like to enjoy the food and be alone with my thoughts afterwards, at least on these “special” occasions.

I went with the simple but most attractive option on the Friday menu – a marinated rump steak with homemade slaw and fries. At $25, I wouldn’t exactly call it cheap but you can’t get a nice piece of meat at a fine restaurant for cheap. I ordered the steak medium rare, as always, and I didn’t have to wait long. My steak was soon with me and the moment I cut the first piece and tasted it I knew I made the right choice. It was just out of this world.

The Aftermath

As I’ve mentioned, going out to eat isn’t just about filling my stomach. I try to make it a nice experience that I’ll remember. So, when I was done with the dinner, I ordered a glass of Merlot (fairly expensive but really tasty) and went to my phone to try my luck with some online pokies.

This is also a part of my usual routine. Once I’m done with the food, I’ll order a few drinks and spend an hour or two playing at an online casino from my phone. I’ll usually make a fresh deposit and grab a nice bonus to boost my balance. This link will take you to a website displaying all the latest no deposit bonuses for Kiwi player if you prefer to play without risking any of your money.

By the time the first glass of wine was done I was already down half of my original deposit amount and it was looking like it wasn’t going to be my lucky night. But then, all of a sudden, I caught a huge bonus on the Vikings slot and saw my balance go all the way up to $500.

I was going to order another glass of wine anyways but I changed my mind and went for the bottle instead. After all, what’s the point in gambling if you aren’t going to treat yourself when you do win big?